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USPS Facts & Figures

Some interesting facts about the United States Postal Service


  • In 2016 the USPS delivered 153.9 billion pieces of mail, or about 47% of the world’s mail volume
  • There are 156.1 million delivery points with 1.1 million new delivery points added last year
  • The USPS processed 37 million address changes in 2016
  • If the postal service was in the private sector it would rank 39th in the 2016 Fortune 500
  • The Hinsdale, NH post office has been operating in the same building since 1816, the oldest post office location to do so
  • The longest rural delivery¬†route is in Magnum, Ok which requires the carrier to travel 182.75 miles a day
  • The postal service ordered more than 700 million rubber bands in 2016



Source: USPS Postal Facts 2017

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